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Your brand is the core of your business and the foundation for everything else. A strong brand engages audiences fast, emotionally, and predictably so customers, vendors, and investors form a deep connection that forges loyalty. Truly authentic brands transcend price, benefits, features, and rise above the noise. Today’s audience does not just buy a brand, they join it.

Our passion for unique, compelling branding translates into powerful communications that differentiate your brand and propel your company forward. From crafting logos that embody your vision, messaging that is music to your audience’s ears, to a company image that compels attraction, we work effortlessly to deliver creative design & branding services that make your identity truly exceptional.

Creative design and branding services that attract audiences for businesses in the USA and Canada.
Custom brand development and creative design services that get your company noticed across the web and in the real world.

Be known

81% of consumers need to a trust a brand to consider buying

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person; recognition is earned.


of brand first impressions are visual, with the majority occurring online.


of people recognize a brand’s colors and visuals over anything else.


of brands spend their mobile advertising budget on awareness campaigns.


increase in revenue for brands that remain consistent with their branding guidelines.

Why branding is so important

Your brand is what differentiates your company in the industry. There should be no other.
It should be methodically crafted for your unique business and designed to attract your target market.

Brand reputation is important for attracting new customers both online and offline.

Brand recognition.

A well-designed brand image makes it easier for potential customers to establish trust. It fills the pipeline faster and easier while attracting new customers more efficiently and less costly. Brand recognition leads to increase word-of-mouth referrals, both offline and online.

A competitive and attractive brand image is required to achieve business success.

Competitive & attractive.

Everyone knows that something that looks good, attracts attention. Audiences tend to trust and lend more credibility to things that attract them. Your brand needs to attract your audience, encourage an emotional response, and drive conversion while maintaining continuity.

An authoritative and credible brand leads to substantial increases in acquisition and revenue.

Authoritative & credible.

A strong, identifiable brand builds credibility with customers, across your industry, and throughout the marketplace. An authoritative, credible brand leads to vast improvements company-wide, from customer loyalty to increased lead generation/customer acquisition.

Expert creative & branding services that attract more customers

What we do

Our passion for unique, compelling branding translates into powerful communications that differentiate your brand and propel your company forward. Our creative and branding services help our clients define their brand, discover the ideal messaging, and delight their customers. We concentrate on helping clients stand out and clarify who they are and what they stand for. From brand strategy, development, and activation, to optimization, we craft the messages, moments, and content that build strong brands, and express them, authentically, clearly, and in unexpected ways. Some of our services include:

  • Research & Strategy

  • Identity & Positioning

  • Voice & Messaging

  • Campaign Development

  • Branded Experiences

  • Rebranding

  • Logo Development

  • Packaging & Labels

  • Print & Signage

  • Advertising & Press Kits

Brand development services including logo design. Here are a few logos designed by Ombrella.

Our creative design process

A little bit about how it works

The holy grail of all things marketing and sales. The moment when someone says your company’s name and others respond, “yeah, I know them”. Recognition is powerful. We build strong brands and by definition, a strong brand is recognizable.

How do you know how to be the best if you don’t know your competition or your industry? We start by understanding who your customer is, where your company stands in the marketplace, identifying what your competition does well, and where the opportunities lie. From there we uncover what is essential for driving growth and analyze how the services and/or products are actually perceived by the target audience. This provides us with a great basis to find an angle that can be leveraged.

A strong, authentic brand is built on core philosophies. We help our clients identify their value proposition and messaging. This represents a company’s identity and the true foundation of any great brand. We work closely with management, customers, and stakeholders to analyze, condense, and interpret business intelligence into actionable ideas that embody the brand and its meaning. Basically, we capture your brand’s personality and essence, then turn it into something unique, tangible, and meaningful.

We craft the look, voice, and feel of your brand, ensuring that continuity is maintained across marketing channels. Our focus is to design attraction, the difference between a great idea, and a truly breathtaking one. From the colors and fonts to vocabulary, material, overall style, and every little detail, we construct your brand identity piece by piece to create a work of art. We ensure you are unique, that your voice is distinctive, consistent, compelling, and that it resonates with your target audience and market. Most of all, we stay true to your company’s values.

Ombrella works with our clients to implement powerful strategies to help grow and strengthen the brand while continuously building awareness. A strong and authentic brand identify doesn’t typically happen overnight, but is built over time. We collaborate with you to ensure that your brand is leveraging all the appropriate and best marketing channels to ensure you are directly communicating with your target market and audience.

As important as it is for a brand to establish underlying value to its audience, it doesn’t mean a brand should not evolve over time. We help clients focus on remaining competitive by consistently analyzing and refining their brand to ensure it is achieving goals and delivering on promises. Your brand is a reflection of your company’s personality and character thought processes, values, hopes, and dreams. We ensure your company is bringing its unique value to the marketplace, that it is being recognized, and that everything and anything that can be tracked, measured, and optimized, is always under review.

Ombrella is a brand development company helpings clients in the USA and Canada with creative design solutions.
The moment when someone says your company’s name & others respond, “yeah, I know them!”


A expertly crafted brand is the key to business success and attracting more customers.
Branding client study

Strategic brand design that successfully launched a venture-funded startup

CGX Life Sciences was launching a new company and nutraceutical brand. We designed their full brand identity, from company logos, product labels, to packaging, and a proprietary e-commerce platform that connected to their manufacturer. Their brand quickly gained recognition across North America and was acquired.

Ombrella did absolutely excellent work designing logos, an e-commerce website, and CFIA, FDA-compliant product labels/packaging in both English and French for our company! I will use Ombrella every time we have a need. I can’t say enough positive things about the experience.

Michael A. @ CinG-X

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