Online Advertising Services That Make Revenue Soar

We provide full-service, integrated online advertising services that connects your brand in new, highly-effective ways to your target audience.

Ombrella spends double to triple the amount of time on your media campaigns compared to the agency average. Our focus is to shape your messaging and delivery while optimizing reach and impact across platforms and devices. Our level of account attention results in greater performance, increased lead generation, & customer acquisition.

Professional online advertising services for B2C and B2B companies.


We develop granular, audience/platform/geographical specific strategies that maximize your advertising budget while focusing on the specific goals that are to be achieved. Whether your company is seeking to seed brand awareness to completing the branding circle, filling the pipeline with qualified leads, attracting more visitors to your web properties, nurturing potential clients through the funnel, increasing customer acquisition, or all of the above, we deliver online advertising solutions that are in a league of their own.

Ombrella builds solid advertising plans that target your audiences in the right places at the best times. Our services are available end-to-end, from ad design, landing page development to ongoing optimization, across all online media platforms, including Google, Bing, Display & Video 360, social media sites, and more. Your campaigns will be best in class.

Start growing your business with Ombrella. We are a trusted advertising agency for companies across North America.

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Ombrella was able to deliver over and beyond what I was expecting (and I was expecting a lot). I truly believed that I was going to wear out whatever patience was in my project manager, but as expected he continued to be there to walk me through the lengthy process and again shared my enthusiasm and attention to detail. I recommend anyone who asks to contact Ombrella.

Ryan K. of Detailing Knights


Our Online Advertising Services aim to deliver:

  • Increased Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition
    Our primary deliverable is increased customer acquisition. We focus on filling your pipeline with qualified, sales-ready leads and increasing conversion. The greatest concern in online advertising is blowing your budget and getting very little action. We focus on understanding your target audience, identifying the optimal ways to attract them, optimizing your messaging, and measuring everything to a 3.16*** degree so that you can meet them at whichever point of the purchase funnel they are in.

  • Reduced Marketing Spend & Conversion Costs
    Simply put, lowering your advertising costs through consistent optimization, but more importantly, reducing your cost-per-lead and cost-per-conversion with better strategies, tactics, and a team of experts. If you’re not sure what your cost is to attract qualified, sales-ready leads, nurture leads, and/or your cost-per-sale, we’ll figure it out. Our goal is to lessen those costs by not only maximizing the effectiveness of your budget but also driving lead generation and customer acquisition. Every dollar counts!

  • Designing Attraction With Higher Awareness & Engagement
    There is a huge difference between the commercials seen during the Superbowl and the regular everyday ads on TV. It doesn’t need to be this way though. When developing online advertising campaigns for clients, our aim is to design attraction. How do we make your brand stand out? How do we evoke an emotional response and encourage action? Every ad we design goes through this process, from pay-per-click Google Adwords, to display advertising to videos on YouTube. We do the research while harnessing the creative abilities of our team to craft attraction. Our results are increased client engagement, personalized towards very specific segments of your target audiences, based on their interests, buying habits, geographic locations, and everything in between. People remember the brands we advertise.

  • Complete The Branding Circle
    Creating continuity across channels and establishing multiple touchpoints for target audiences to engage your brand. We help our clients achieve dominance across the channel spectrum, integrating their online advertising campaigns with their other online and offline channel initiatives.

Online Advertising Client Study

Client: International Sauce Co.
Industry: Retail & E-Commerce
Services: Online Advertising, Creative & Branding, Media & PR, Content Marketing, Website Design

Our efforts led to:

  • 61% increase in return on ad spend.

  • 44% increase in average size order.
  • 12% reduction in cost per click.
  • 59% increase in net PPC revenue.

  • 108% increase in mobile ROAs
  • A lot of new customers.

Professional advertising solutions from an expert advertising agency.
Ombrella is an advertising company specializing in pay-per-click and online advertising solutions.


Ombrella focuses on getting our clients the most out of their online advertising. This requires a lot more effort than just following a list of best practices. We have developed a holistic, grassroots approach that is full-funnel and unique to your brand. We know that there is an optimal combination of marketing channels, strategies, and tactics that will yield the maximum impact for your business. We do this for our clients and we can do this for you.

We provide online advertising services to the following industries:
Beauty & Health
Business Services
Food & Beverage
Real Estate
Recruiting & HR
Retail & Franchises
Skilled Trades
Travel & Hospitality