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marketing agency

The Ombrella marketing company helps B2B and B2C businesses in the USA and Canada with custom marketing solutions.


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Ombrella is a full-service, integrated marketing agency, created in 2010. We started as a Canadian firm from Toronto, transitioning to an American LLC in 2020, serving clients across Canada and the United States.

Our firm is uniquely positioned in the marketing industry as we specifically focus on delivering business solutions developed on marketing science. We focus on 4 core fundamentals of marketing: awareness, generation, acquisition, and analysis + optimization. We are experts in marketing.

Why are the words “marketing experts” important?

Over a decade ago, we created Ombrella to solve a problem.

Marketing has evolved over the years, and with the rise of digital marketing, the landscape has become even more complex. While there are many marketing technologies available today, finding true marketing experts has become increasingly difficult.

One reason for this is that marketing is both an art and a science, requiring a deep understanding of human behavior, psychology, and market trends. It is not enough to simply understand the tools and technologies available; a true marketing expert must be able to craft a message that resonates with their target audience, analyze data to understand consumer behavior and make data-driven decisions that drive business growth.

The demand for marketing expertise has increased significantly in recent years, with businesses of all sizes recognizing the importance of marketing to their bottom line. On the other side, many people believe that because they can figure out how to use marketing technologies, this knowledge alone is sufficient enough to refer to themselves as marketing experts. This has created a highly competitive industry of amateurs, making it challenging to find and retain top talent.

While it may be easy to understand marketing technologies, true marketing experts are hard to find these days.

Your business depends on real marketing delivered by real marketing experts.

We created Ombrella because we saw the opportunity to deliver real marketing solutions. Services that actually grow your business and deliver a significant ROI. We know how to use marketing technologies, but more importantly, we are experts in the art & science of marketing. Clients choose Ombrella because this is exactly what we do. Don’t judge us on our winners; judge us on our losers because we have so few.

Why choose our
marketing company?

Why choose our
marketing company?

Our team is a group of dynamic marketers who get excited about big questions, unsolved problems, and being at the forefront of business intelligence; collaborating to form a think tank that personifies powerful strategies and unique, compelling ideas.

Our services and the team delivering them are focused on:

  • designing attraction between client & target audience,
  • making the competition irrelevant or less relevant,
  • building healthy, perpetual revenue streams for ongoing growth,

  • optimizing ROI & earning the best bang for every buck!

Together, our team combines unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across channels & industries, and extensive research on the world’s most successful organizations to help our clients in becoming high-performance marketers.

What makes our agency different?

We are experts in real marketing strategies, delivering tangible results at a truly exceptional return on investment. Here are a few reasons that make our marketing agency different exceptional:

No. A big NO. Everything that we do is done in-house. Our capabilities and service offerings demand expertise. There is no room for mistakes when it comes to marketing. We don’t hire freelancers or contractors. We understand that there is exceptional talent around the world, but we only employ subject matter experts from within the United States and Canada. We do however hire exceptional artists from around the world for some large graphic design and branding projects.

Ombrella is a full-service, integrated marketing agency. This means that we are experts in most marketing channels and deliver complete, integrated solutions. Whereas a niche agency is a firm that focuses on one specific channel like social media. The problem with niche agencies is that marketing needs to be integrated to be most effective. There must be continuity. Everything connects to each other. And when you don’t have seamless integration, continuity or expertise across channels, your strategy in a specific channel and across all, are likely extremely diminished.

We specialize in many digital marketing channels and online marketing is certainly one of the most powerful channels. So yes, you could say we are a digital marketing agency. But the reason we don’t brand ourselves as that is because we specialize in many areas that aren’t digital and many “offline” channels. Most digital marketing companies don’t specialize in the areas of branding, media, or integrated campaigns combining online and offline channels. We do.

Does Ombrella partner with companies like Hubspot? Definitely no. We deliver real marketing solutions and don’t offer turnkey services that are easily customized for every client. We know our clients are unique and that they deserve unique marketing. As a person, do you want to be like everyone else? Of course not, you are unique. Your business deserves the same attention.

We are often entrusted with sensitive information by our clients, including marketing strategies, customer data, and financial information. To protect this information, clients may require us to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). It is important for our marketing agency to respect these NDAs for several reasons – to protect our client’s reputation, maintain trust, and respect.

Our marketing expertise spans 4 core areas of marketing: awareness/attraction, lead generation, customer acquisition, and business intelligence & optimization. Our specialties: branding & creative, content marketing, media & PR, online advertising, SEO, and website design. Our solutions are custom-developed for B2C and B2B companies of all sizes across Canada and the United States, spanning a dozen industries, and available in 3 languages – English, French, & Spanish.

A few words from

our clients

We at MDP LLP have had a very positive experience with Ombrella. They developed our website and continue to provide excellent service and suggestions for improvements. Our web presence has increased markedly and their ideas and insights have proven to be valuable. I would highly recommend them to any business.

Leslie S. of MDP LLP

We have used many marketing firms over the years and Ombrella, whom we have been working with now for over 3 years, is by far the best. I would best describe them as a savvy group of marketing pros who fully understand the entire scope of branding in today’s online digital world. I am very happy with the results they have so far provided.

Ron M. of Mechanics Hub

I have had experience with 2 other SEO marketing companies in the past and walked away disappointed and confused. Too many empty promises… Ombrella gave me an honest marketing plan and an affordable website. I wish I had signed on with them years ago! They are true professionals in their field!

John P. of Pro-Clean

I would highly recommend Ombrella for website creation & support. They understood completely what I had envisioned and delivered within a timely fashion. Their team was pleasant; patient; understanding; and extremely knowledgeable, making the process of development an ease. All of this and the cost was quite reasonable! I’m very satisfied and will continue to work with Ombrella.

Debb D. of Davanti Consulting

Ombrella is a great company for SEO, website development & other web-related services for your business. The entire team is very helpful even with web tech maintenance-related requests such as content & media or image-related revisions to your website. You really are dealing with professionals who stay up to date with search engine-related updates that are critical to maintaining your online presence. Would recommend to any business wanting to gain an edge with their online web presence.

Jevon A. of Time To Shine

Our company was referred to Ombrella by one of our clients who partnered with them for their marketing needs. We’ve now been with them for four years, our websites still look better than our competitors and the marketing we do through social media has brought significant new attention to a business that’s been around for over 50 years.

John A. of WMP