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The Internet has spurred considerable competition in the cleaning industry. Businesses and consumers alike now demand lower service costs, yet superior solutions and are quicker to switch providers based on dissatisfaction or better price points. With low start up costs and the ability to easily post advertisements for cleaning services on popular platforms like Google and Craigslist, new customer acquisition has become even more challenging.

As marketers for cleaning companies, we know that this competitive landscape provides substantial opportunities for proactive businesses to dominate their geographical market based on a professional presence that maximizes lead generation and sales opportunities.

Marketing for Cleaning Companies

Ombrella works with B2C and B2B cleaning companies to achieve high performance growth through strategic marketing services and proprietary business solutions. We help our clients surpass their marketing challenges by deploying capabilities that focus on new customer acquisition.

What We Can Do

  • Build multi-source lead generation streams that provide a sustainable, ongoing flow of qualified sales leads and new customers.
  • Reach 90%+ of your geographical target market via online channels at the exact time your audience wants or needs your services.
  • Establish a professional, “clean” brand image that stands out and makes your competition look less relevant.
  • Craft a marketing focused website and attractive online perception that encourages and guides visitors to conversion.
  • Help formulate a tangible online reputation that is highly visible, encourages responses while increasing online/offline word-of-mouth.
  • Establish your company as a leader in cleaning solutions from office cleaning to condo sanitation via multi-channel dominance.
  • Build healthy, ongoing revenue streams of new business at a lower cost per acquisition.

Industry Marketing Opportunities

There are many opportunities within the cleaning industry that companies can currently take advantage of to improve the marketing, lead generation, and customer acquisition efforts of their business.

  • Many cleaning company websites are not professional and attractively clean, nor make it easy to validate and convert visitors.
  • There is plenty of room and opportunity on Google page one to attain ranking for valuable, lead generating search queries.
  • There is a big difference between a cleaning company and a cleaning brand. It’s easy to stand out, be noticed, and remembered.
  • Average cost-per-click on main search platforms for cleaning keywords is high because of lack of on-page optimization efforts.
  • Few take advantage of the power of online reputation, leading to easier dominance and visibility of those that do.
  • Leads qualify a business based on their perception, reputation, and marketing, lessening the effect of competitive pricing.
  • Minimum wage increases will further level the competition in terms of costs leading to greater marketing relevancy.


Pro-Clean Janitorial Services needed a marketing company to build a sustainable revenue stream of new customers. Ombrella redesigned their online presence, creating a new memorable, marketing-focused website while rebuilding their poorly conceived SEO strategy and paid search accounts.

Our efforts led to:

  • 400% increase in website visitors
  • 84% decrease in cost per lead
  • 37% decrease in cost per click for paid search
  • $500,000+ a year in qualified sales leads
  • more 1st page Google rankings than any other cleaning company in Canada

Pro-Clean has substantially grown their business since first hiring Ombrella four years ago to become the most powerful online janitorial services brand in the Greater Toronto Area.

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