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We will earn your business a tangible presence on Google that attracts qualified, sales-ready visitors to your website, driving lead generation, increasing customer acquisition, and building a sustainable revenue stream. Our SEO services get you found by the customers you want most.

Professional SEO services at competitive prices for businesses in the United States and Canada.
Google search engine optimization drives lead generation and custom acquisition.

Be found on page 1

89% of online queries start on Google Search

If your business is not on the first page, your competition is winning.


of local searches result in a web visitor making contact (lead/customer)


of Google searchers click on results from the second page and beyond.


of people who search skip the ads and go straight to the results.


of purchasers (sales, not leads) are influenced by a relevant search.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
The process of earning recognition on Google for the products/services your business offers.

Search rankings are a form of earned media using SEO best practices.

Earned not given.

Appearing on the top search results of Google is not random. Complex algorithms consistently adjust rankings based on hundreds of factors. Our SEO services optimize for every factor to demonstrate to Google that your business is what people are searching for.

SEO experts and search marketing professionals are required to rank your website on Google page one.

Real people are required.

Search engine optimization is becoming increasingly more and more complex, and even more so, competitive & lucrative. As the top form of lead generation & customer acquisition today, it requires constant attention from real professionals at every stage.

Having your business found on Google page one using a professional SEO agency is the best form of lead generation and client acquisition.

The key to success.

Being on the first page of search engines is guaranteed success. If you want to generate leads and attract new customers, it is not optional. Our search marketing services focus on driving growth, are scalable, and are available to businesses with every budget.

We are a leader in SEO services

What we do

Our search engine optimization services earn your website a competitive presence across the web.  Our proprietary approach targets your total market achieving top organic rankings while focusing on instilling confidence in your audience through marketing best practices. We attract qualified visitors and we increase conversions – more leads and more customers for your business. Some of our services include:

  • Local SEO

  • National & Global SEO

  • Multi-Country/Language

  • E-Commerce

  • Landing Pages

  • Citation Development

  • Reputation Management

  • Conversion Optimization

  • Penalty Recovery

  • French & Spanish SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Ombrella is a provider of professional SEO services.

Our SEO process

A little bit about how it works

The effort required to dominate SEO is different for every business, based on the uniqueness of the industry, geographical market, and competition.

We examine your current website and determine whether or not it is capable of achieving full SEO compliance, especially in terms of readability and webmaster policies. We also look at your current online presence across the web and analyze potential threats that could impede our efforts. This entire process is completed during the proposal stage so that we can accurately provide your business with the proper insight as to what SEO services are required.

Search engine optimization of your current website or the development of a new presence that is super fast, search engine friendly, and most importantly highly authoritative for your target audience. We upgrade and create websites that meet 100% of webmaster and search engine guidelines. Our sales and marketing professionals refine your content, create new content, and implement various proprietary measures that improve user experience, in turn, making the website more valuable in the eyes of your audiences and external online sources.

This is where the real magic happens. Using various combinations of SEO, PR, social media, advertising, marketing, and proprietary best practices developed over nearly two decades of deploying online marketing solutions, we build authority for your brand and website across the Internet. This is what gives your website the power to dominate search engines and furthermore, attract referrals from across the web.

Ombrella works with your team to encourage happy customers to review and rate your business across multiple platforms, creating an online presence and reputation that demonstrates you are a successful company that delivers satisfaction. This provides the undeniable perception that your business is a leader in its industry and geographical market, not just to your target audience, but to external online sources that assist in propagating your brand through search engines and the web.

We implement various technologies to track every single thing that happens with your online presence. This data can be leveraged to improve content, internal business processes, products/services, the website, and so much more. Knowledge is power and we extract as much knowledge as possible.

Ombrella is a search marketing agency and SEO company in USA and Canada.
The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google Search.


Professional SEO services result in improved lead generation, customer acquisition, and business growth.
SEO client study

Over $2 million in qualified sales-ready leads year over year

Time To Shine Cleaning Services has been with Ombrella for years because they consistently generate sales-ready leads and attract new customers from our SEO services.

Ombrella is a great company for SEO, website development & other web-related services for your business. You really are dealing with professionals. Would recommend Ombrella to any business wanting to gain an edge with their online web presence.

Jevon A. @ Time To Shine Cleaning Services

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