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A substantial majority of our clients utilize our SEO services. We are experts in search engine optimization and can outdo any competitor.

Our SEO services are available to all types, sizes, & target markets – from a local startup to a global brand. Through search engine optimization, we will earn a tangible presence on Google that attracts qualified, sales-ready visitors to your website, driving lead generation, increasing customer acquisition, and building a sustainable revenue stream.

Professional SEO services for B2C and B2B companies.


SEO is one of the most powerful capabilities we can develop for clients in terms of generating healthy, ongoing revenue streams. We build and earn strategic positions across the Internet – specifically search engines like Google – that showcase your company directly to your target audience at the exact time they need or want what your business has to offer.

Our SEO services earn your website a competitive presence across the web with a proprietary approach that targets the majority, if not all, of your target market, achieving top organic rankings while focusing on instilling confidence in your audience through marketing, advertising, and sales best practices. The combined effort attracts qualified visitors and increases conversions – more leads and more customers/sales for your business.

Start growing your business with Ombrella. With a client retention rate of 98%, we are a trusted SEO agency for companies across North America.

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I have had experience with 2 other SEO marketing companies in the past and walked away disappointed and confused. Too many empty promises… Ombrella gave me an honest marketing plan and an affordable website. I wish I had signed on with them years ago! They are true professionals in their field!

John P. of Pro-Clean


Our SEO Services aim to deliver:

  • Increased Market Share and Company Revenues
    A substantial increase in qualified leads, sales/customers, and customer retention via online channels. Simply put, quantifiable business growth.

  • Surge in Website Visitors & Quantifiable Analytics
    Consistent increases in website visitor count, time spent on the website, the number of pages visited, return visits, and other valuable online analytics, month over month.

  • Compelling Brand & Business Reputation
    A tangible online reputation that instills confidence in your audience that your company delivers satisfaction while attracting web visitors and increasing word-of-mouth referrals both online & offline.

  • Be Found Online Everywhere
    Whenever someone is searching or exploring your industry, services and/or products, your business is seen, across search engines, directories, industry-related websites, news sites, social media, and various other online mediums, at the exact time they need or want what your business has to offer.

  • Dominate All Google Platforms
    Google is by far the most powerful medium to attract qualified web visitors for lead generation and customer acquisition. Our solution targets every possible word, phrase, question, and search query, ranking your website on the first page for maximum acquisition. We earn rankings on all Google platforms. Furthermore, our aim is to constantly increase the number of single query/page rankings that we’ve earned, often placing your business on the first page multiple times.

SEO Client Study

Client: Pro-Clean Janitorial Services
Industry: B2B Service Provider / Cleaning
Services: Website Design & SEO

Our efforts led to:

  • 400% increase in website visitors.

  • 157% increase in search visibility.

  • 84% decrease in cost per lead.

  • $750,000+ a year in qualified sales leads.

  • 1st page Google domination across all keywords.

  • 100+ competitive keywords ranked on 1st SERP.

Professional search engine optimization services from an expert SEO agency.
Ombrella is a marketing company specializing in search engine optimization solutions.


The effort required to dominate SEO is different for every business, based on the uniqueness of the industry, geographical market, and competition. In order to determine what is required, we do an audit assessment of your current online capabilities, formulating a strategic plan that lays out what we need to do to achieve full search engine optimization dominance. This solution is very effective at building healthy revenue streams via demand generation/inbound marketing, but also requires specific time frames in order to achieve.

We examine your current website and determine whether or not it is capable of achieving full SEO compliance, especially in terms of readability and webmaster policies. If the website can be enhanced to meet these guidelines, we move forward with doing so. If not, a new website must be constructed. We also look at your current online presence across the web and analyze potential threats that could impede our efforts. This entire process is completed during the proposal stage so that we can accurately provide your business with the proper insight as to what SEO services are required.

Search engine optimization of your current website or the development of a new presence that is super fast, search engine friendly, and most importantly highly authoritative for your target audience. We upgrade and create websites that meet 100% of webmaster and search engine guidelines. Our sales and marketing professionals refine your content, create new content, and implement various proprietary measures that improve user experience, in turn, making the website more valuable in the eyes of your audiences and external online sources.

This is where the real magic happens. Using various combinations of SEO, PR, social media, advertising, marketing, and proprietary best practices developed over nearly two decades of deploying online marketing solutions, we build authority for your brand and website across the Internet. This is what gives your website the power to dominate search engines and furthermore, attract referrals from across the web.

Ombrella works with your team to encourage happy customers to review and rate your business across multiple platforms, creating an online presence and reputation that demonstrates you are a successful company that delivers satisfaction. This provides the undeniable perception that your business is a leader in its industry and geographical market, not just to your target audience, but to external online sources that assist in propagating your brand through search engines and the web.

We implement various technologies to track every single thing that happens with your online presence. This data can be leveraged to improve content, internal business processes, products/services, the website, and so much more. Knowledge is power and we extract as much knowledge as possible.

We provide SEO services to the following industries:
Beauty & Health
Business Services
Food & Beverage
Real Estate
Recruiting & HR
Retail & Franchises
Skilled Trades
Travel & Hospitality