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Our copywriting and content marketing services change the narrative. For many years now, the phrase “Content is King” has been thrown around the web. Since then, the Internet has become a waste dump of blogs no one reads, lackluster articles, fake news, and poorly conceived content development practices that deliver no results. Content is only king when it is crafted of the highest quality. We put the ‘king’ back into your content.

Content marketing services for businesses in the USA and Canada.
Content marketing is a necessary strategy for the majority of top performing companies.

Be heard loudly

60% of people are inspired to seek out a brand after reading content about it

It’s no secret that quality content marketing has one of the most significant marketing ROIs out there.


increase in lead generation for brands that produce content regularly.


of buyers view 3-5 pieces of content before they make contact.


of people prefer to learn about a brand from an article over an advertisement.


of the top-performing businesses have a content marketing strategy.

Why does content marketing work

Today, content is one of the most effective forms of brand awareness, lead generation, and customer acquisition.
Creating content that will be read, seen, and heard can be fruitful, but creating content that is envied, shared, and ranked is powerful.

Well made content will lead to greater brand awareness and recognition among your target audience.

Awareness & recognition.

Delivering quality content puts you in control of your brand reputation & identity. Content is a powerful method of instilling familiarity into prospective buyers naturally drawing them to your brand. As consumers are becoming more careful about what they purchase, content is an effective way to encourage top-of-mind status.

Great content helps brands build authority and credibility across their target markets.

Authority & credibility.

 Content marketing is a powerful method of conveying value and reducing risk to prospective buyers by sharing honest and insightful content about what you have to offer. Many businesses are vying for the attention of your audience. Today, brand image is everything, and worthwhile content facilitates brand image.

Content marketing increase lead generation capabilities and customer acquisition.

Generation & acquisition.

The more valuable, relevant, and unique content you create, the more people are likely to discover your brand, as well as return. By providing insight into the products and/or services your company provides, it becomes easier to connect with your audience, gain trust, and draw them into the conversion cycle.

Content marketing services that inspire trust & confidence

What we do

Our content marketing services focus on helping clients control the research and education within their industry, become a powerful resource, and drive market leadership. Ombrella crafts content that establishes authority and credibility within your crowded marketplace while connecting your brand with your target audience as they progress through all stages of the conversion funnel. We ensure that your content is exceptional, that it is published in the right places at the right times, focused on attracting your target audiences. Some of our services include:

  • Planning & Production

  • Copywriting & Publishing

  • E-Mail Marketing

  • Blogging & Social Media

  • Case Studies & White Papers

  • Press Releases

  • Labels & Packaging

  • Advertising Design

  • Print & Signage

  • Webpages & Infographics

Content marketing solutions for B2C and B2B businesses.

Our content development process

A little bit about how it works

Whether you’re seeking to boost brand awareness, increase sales, improve retention, engage new customers, or become an industry thought leader, content marketing is a proven tactic to achieve these goals. Content development requires commitment and discipline.

There is no point in creating content if your audience won’t consume it or it won’t be shared across social media. By understanding your business, your objectives, your audience, what will produce results, and how we will measure success, we can formulate a plan that is realistic, informed, actionable, and measurable. We prioritize all aspects of the content strategy. If there are any potential issues, we tackle them ASAP.

Our content development and marketing team work closely together to develop engaging, informative, and persuasive content that is unique forms continuity with your brand, and really separates your company from the competition while driving user engagement. Content can be consumed in many ways and there are best practices for creating and presenting content. We specialize in not only crafting compelling content, but presenting it in a format that is optimal for consumption, easy to read, and attractive to review.

Content development is one thing. Getting the content out on the web in the right places at the right times is another thing. Once your new content is developed and ready for launch, we push it out to your target market utilizing content promotion and content amplification strategies. From e-mail marketing, lead nurturing, social advertising, SEO, PR, and more, our integrated strategies are wide and far-reaching. We help you make the most of your content.

Content marketing agency for B2C and B2B businesses throughout the USA and Canada.
Content marketing is really just about sharing your brand’s passion, or at least it should be.


Professional copywriting and content development services are important for attracting your target audience.
Content marketing client study

Turning a recruiting agency into a content marketplace powerhouse

Mechanics Hub approached us with a desire to be competitive and innovative. Ombrella rebranded their 30-year company, completely redesigning the business to become an online hub for all things mechanic and recruiting,  creating a content network that achieved industry-wide recognition.

We have used many marketing firms over the years and Ombrella, whom we have been working with now for over 3 years, is by far the best. I would best describe them as a savvy group of marketing pros who fully understand the entire scope of branding in today’s online digital world. I am very happy with the results they have so far provided.

Ron M. @ Mechanics Hub

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