Marketing For Skilled Trades Companies

Ombrella works with companies in skilled trades including, but not limited to:

  • carpentry
  • construction
  • electrical
  • home improvement
  • HVAC
  • landscaping
  • mechanics
  • millwrights
  • painting
  • plumbing
  • waterproofing
  • and more.

We partner with businesses in the skilled trades industry, developing custom marketing services that build perpetual revenue streams of qualified leads and new customers.

Professional marketing services for skilled trades companies including website design, SEO, branding, and online advertising.


The skilled trades industry is definitely competitive. We know how difficult and time-consuming it is to run a successful business in this industry. Clients come to Ombrella for assistance in conquering the issues facing their business.

Does your contractor company have challenges with:

  • Ineffective marketing and advertising.

  • Poorly designed websites & conversion processes.

  • Increased competition, especially from the Internet.

  • Customers demanding lower service costs.

  • Dependence on referrals.
  • Increased wages & operating costs.
  • Dependence or wasting money on Google Adwords.

  • Not enough leads & business not growing.

We can help you. Challenges lead to opportunity and there are many opportunities for proactive businesses to dominate their geographical service markets. We focus on turning our clients into the main competition – the skilled trade business that everyone wants to be.

Ombrella partners with contractors and skilled trade companies to surpass these challenges and build a healthy, strategic marketing foundation for perpetual business growth. Request a free quote.


Designing attraction between our clients brand and their target audiences. Creating memorable experiences that demand attention.

Integrated, multi-channel awareness and conversion capabilities that fill pipelines with qualified, sales-ready leads and opportunities.

Building healthy, perpetual revenue streams for ongoing business growth. Delivering exceptional, quantifiable, return on investment.

Ensuring optimal effectiveness, we test, target & measure our work. Amplify the positive & correct the negative, optimizing every aspect.


Ombrella works with B2C and B2B companies in the skilled trades industry to achieve high-performance growth through strategic marketing services and proprietary business solutions. All of our marketing services and solutions are custom-developed for your unique trade business.

Branding & Creative

Establishing a professional, “skilled” brand image that gains recognition and makes your competition look less relevant.

Content Marketing

Demonstrating your company’s trade expertise through content marketing that establishes confidence and leadership.

Media & PR

Developing a quantifiable, highly visible online reputation that encourages conversion while driving word-of-mouth referrals.

Online Advertising

Reaching 90%+ of your geographical target audience through online channels that attract sales-ready visitors to your website.

Search & SEO

Dominating search engines for all industry and service keywords that attract a steady stream of qualified leads and new customers.

Website Design

Crafting a marketing-enabled website for your skilled trades company that encourages and guides visitors to conversion.


Time To Shine ( wanted to be the number one company of its’ kind in their respective geographical target market. Ombrella made our client #1 across Google, bringing in visitors who wanted specific services, converting them with an attractive website, a convincing reputation, and stunning marketing materials.

Skilled trades and contractor marketing services including SEO, website design, branding, online advertising, PR, and more.

Now Time To Shine dominates the competition. Since partnering with Ombrella they have a sustainable ongoing lead generation and customer acquisition pipeline that grows the company year over year.

Have a look at their custom-developed sales brochure created by Ombrella. Click to download.


  • Best known industry brand in the city.

  • 320% increase in website visitors.

  • 411% increase in search visibility.

  • 5-star highly visible online reputation.

  • 77% decrease in cost per lead.

  • 1st page Google domination across all keywords.

  • 100+ competitive keywords ranked on 1st SERP.


Ombrella is a great company for SEO, website development & other web related services for your business. The entire team is very helpful even with web tech maintenance related requests such as content & media or image related revisions to your website. You really are dealing with professionals who stay up to date with search engine related updates that are critical to maintaining your online presence. Would recommend to any business wanting to gain an edge with their online web presence.

Jevon A. of Time To Shine