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Recruiting has never been tougher to quantify than it is today. With popular platforms like Indeed, Facebook Jobs, and the newly christened Google Jobs, it is easier than ever for companies to forgo the services of a professional recruiting agency for an inbox of candidates generated via less costly means.

Ombrella partners with staffing and recruiting firms to help seed their message of value and instill confidence in clients and prospective customers that professional recruitment leads to better hires at lower costs. We work with recruitment agencies to build healthy, ongoing revenue streams, both client and candidate wise, and take on leading job platforms that threaten their value proposition.

Marketing for Recruiting Agencies

Ombrella works with recruiting agencies to achieve high performance growth through strategic marketing services and proprietary business solutions. We help our clients surpass their marketing challenges by deploying capabilities that focus on both new candidate and new client acquisition.

What We Do

  • Improve your value proposition and messaging to get your company value across faster and more effectively.
  • Developing a marketing focused website with a streamlined, mobile optimized application process.
  • Implementing a job geographic centric search marketing strategy that can compete with leading job platforms like Indeed.
  • Integrating marketing and sales processes utilizing enabling technologies and methodologies that maximize opportunities, reduce costs and speed up time to close.
  • Building social powered resources to improve brand awareness, thought leadership reach, and enhance agency reputation.

Industry Marketing Opportunities

There are many opportunities within the recruitment/staffing industry that companies can currently take advantage of to improve the marketing, lead generation, and customer acquisition efforts of their business.

  • Few recruiting agencies has taken advantage of the power of schema tags on their job posts.
  • User experience, mobile responsiveness and speed of application can greatly improve canadidate counts.
  • Integration with Google Jobs, Facebook Jobs, and Indeed to maximize exposure.
  • Some agencies still post jobs manually.
  • A search marketing strategy focused on customer acquisition while attracting candidates.
  • Poor brand development that leaves most recruiting agencies as an after thought and not rememberable or remarkable.
  • So few recruitment companies get their value proposition across quickly and effectively.
  • Making HR teams see the value that exgernal recruiting can bring.


Recognizing the increasing competitiveness of job platforms like Indeed and the evolution of mobile job applications, Mechanics Hub approached us with a desire to be competitive and innovate. Ombrella rebranded the company from Maizis & Miller to Mechanics Hub, completely redesigned their online presence and implemented several initiatives that increased client and candidate acquisition.

Our efforts led to:

  • Unmeasurable increase in brand awareness
  • Recognized as the global leader in mechanic recruitment
  • 1,233% increase in website visitors
  • $1,000,000+ in qualified leads generated per annum
  • 4.8 star highly visible online reputation
  • An Indeed-style geographical focused SEO strategy that attracts clients and job applicants from all target markets
  • Marketing and sales enablement/integration that lead an increase in qualified leads and reduction in closing time ratios

With the help of Ombrella, Mechanics Hub was named the #1 Canadian recruiting agency and #26 in North America by Forbes in 2017.

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